How To Create Something: Assembling a Large Star Wars 3D Print


In this video we are going to create and assemble a really big, Star Wars based, 3d print using a whole lot of smaller 3d printed pieces. Not only that, but we have a unique method to show off that will greatly enhance the durability of any assembled part (wait until you see what we are building!)

By assembling smaller pieces together into a larger part, we can open the doors to all new possibilities where size and budget are no longer limiting factors. Wait, why is budget not a factor? Because you don’t need some gi-mondo, expensive 3d printer.

Be sure to check out Infosmercal’s first video where we electroplated a 3d print:
This video demonstrates another way to creatively expand the possibilities of 3d printing by making something out metal.

In an upcoming video, we are going learn how we can add a great fit and finish to any 3d printed part by sanding down, priming, and painting our Star Wars print from this video!

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