How-To Make Metal: Electroplating a 3D Printed Star Wars Helmet


A how-to for turning anything, like a star wars based 3d print, into metal by electroplating it. That’s right: 3d printing, star wars, and electroplating all in one video… Goodness thats geeky! General warning: This video is for demonstration purposes and and any attempts will be done at your own risk. Heed to any and all instructions and precautions labeled on any products used in the video.

Product Links (Amazon):


Super Shield Nickel Conductive Coating:

Nickel Print Conductive Paint (Small Jar):

Caswell Plating – Plug N Plate Copper & Nickel Kit:

Mother’s Mag & Aluminum Polish:

Funko Pop Figure – The Count from Sesame Street:


How to Assemble 3D Prints:……

Captain Phasma 3D Print file by Geoffro:

Upload and purchase 3D Prints from 3D Hubs:


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Music Credits: “Clockwork” by Sixth Gate Productions licensed via LumaFusion

“RSPN” by Blank & Kytt:…

“The Pirate and the Dancer” by Rolemusic:…

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