Surprise Surprise! This $300 Battery Pack Might Be Worth It…


The Omni 20 from OmniCharge is being billed as the ultimate battery pack. Is it worth the cost or is it another falsely glorified piece of tech?

It started as a indiegogo campaign with the goal of making the ultimate battery pack. A collection of talented engineers, designers, and more managed to create one of the most funded campaigns of 2016. Now, Omnicharge is making their products publicly available for the first time. Did they succeed in creating a valuable product? Watch the review to find out.

The Omni 20 can be purchased via OmniCharge’s website:

or via Amazon:

They also make less expensive and smaller version called the Omni 13 that can be purchased as well.

Let us know what you think about these things. Is it a must buy? Would you purchase a cheaper alternative? Etc…

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